A story that
it never stops

The history of the company begins in 1973 with Vito Manelli. Over the years, the company has become a point of reference in the management of construction contracts, thanks to the experience on site and the many works carried out.

When the second generation arrives, the company is strong and solid. Onofrio (Sergio) Manelli adds innovation and new skills to broaden the horizons of the company.

When the second generation arrives, the company is strong and solid. New name, same leadership in the civil and industrial construction sector. Thanks to the efficient organization, financial strength and long experience, the company becomes a General Contractor, able to participate in national and international tenders. In 2023, the Company changed its corporate form, from S.r.l. to S.p.A.

  • 1973

    Establishment of the Vito Manelli company.
    Raggruppa 1752
  • 1997

    Establishment of the Onofrio Manelli company.
    Raggruppa 1751
  • 2008

    Foundation of the Manelli S.r.l. Company.
    Raggruppa 1789
  • 2015

    Establishment of the Manelli S.r.l. branch in Romania.
    Raggruppa 1750
  • 2016

    Foundation of the Aicom S.r.l. company.
    Raggruppa 1846
  • 2017

    Increase of share capital to 1 milion euros.
    Raggruppa 1789
  • 2018

    Foundation of the Coman S.r.l. company.
    Raggruppa 1845
  • 2018

    Construction of the new Manelli S.r.l. headquarter.
    Raggruppa 1844
  • 2019

    Foundation of the Vivia Bari S.r.l.
    Raggruppa 1554
  • 2021

    Foundation of the Manelli Constructii Generale S.r.l.
  • 2021

    Increase of share capital to 5 million euros.
    Raggruppa 1789
  • 2021

    Foundation of Manelli BAU S.r.l. G.M.B.H.
    Raggruppa 1843
  • 2022

    Increase of share capital to 15 million euros.
    Raggruppa 1789
  • 2023

    Transformation into Manelli Impresa S.p.A.
  • 2023

    Foundation of the Vivia Re S.r.l. company.
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