Private works

The new MANELLI IMPRESA SRL headquarters not only did represent the making of a new “container” and more comfortable for the accommodation of the company’s functions, more and more extended and articulated, but it also immediately proved to be the best opportunity to represent the entrepreneurial philosophy of the Company, through the language of buildings […]

Manelli Impresa Srl leader RTI with SERVECO Srl makes the intervention of replacing the roof in plates of cement asbestos with insulated panels of double steel sheet and double-glazed doors and transparent panels facade made of polyurethane. Besides reducing the execution time with 100 days and the know-how provided by Serveco associate for the remediation […]

The area to be intervened is located in the town of Rivalta di Torino, within the territorial area constituted by the areas of the former artillery depots known as “Casermette” on Via Carignano street, to the south of the town, adjacent to the former Fiat Rivalta industrial complex. The fundamental objective of the project was […]

Vivia Bari S.r.l. defines with precision and clarity the objectives of time and investment in a functional way to the characteristics of the context in which it operates, dealing with all phases of the building process, from design to realization. By adopting a strategy to study urban scenarios and residential market contexts, it provides added […]

This project concerns the construction of the building and plant engineering interventions necessary for the purpose of the fire prevention adjustment according to the provisions of the Ministerial Decree 19.03.2015 of the “M. Giannuzzi” of Manduria (TA), and the functional restructuring of the third and fourth floors of the Cross Body of the same. The […]

The Venezia – Rovigo Chamber of Commerce, as a Public Body in accordance to the law 580/1993, has acquired from the Ca’ Foscari University of Venezia, the right of surface of the real estate portions located in Venezia-Mestre via Torino No. 155, for the construction of two buildings to be used as headquarters of the […]

The project aims to develop an internationally competitive tourist destination that complies with the regulations in force, by bringing Constanta Dolphinarium up to the EAZA and EAM standard – European bodies that regulate the minimum conditions for keeping dolphins. The construction works are based on the construction of new buildings with the current size of […]

The intervention, which involves the construction of social housing blocks, namely 50 apartments, aims to promote human resource development and social inclusion for disadvantaged people. The project will contribute to the improvement of impact and sustainability, as well as to the increase of living standards and, consequently, to the development of society in the commune […]