Public works

The renovation project involved a school complex dedication to students’ formation in one of the main sectors for the economy of the Puglia region: the tourist-hotel sector. The works aimed the building overall, as well as the components of the building, and those of installations engineering. All the power systems, including the two elevators, were […]

The total project provided the restructuring and extension of the S asylum. Giuseppe in Livinallongo din Col di Lana, introduced in a communal property area, already meant for the services of assistance-hospital type. The building was studied and reorganized through an extension and restructuring interventions program, with the purpose of modernizing the existing spaces, to […]

A new University Residence is born in Bologna. The intervention carried out by Er.Go, the Regional Agency for the Right to Higher Education of Emilia Romagna, was planned in the area of the former fruit and vegetable market of Bologna in the Via Fioravanti area and is the result of an important agreement between the […]

The City Hall of Milan, through this intervention, answered the urgent question of this typology of service within the new Rubattino / Maserati Urban Requalification Plan. The result is a coverage with architectural traditional and calm shapes, but with a technologically advanced “heart”, capable to guarantee a high level of comfort in all seasons, together […]

L’intervento ha per oggetto la ristrutturazione l’ala nord dell’edificio 36, ad oggi già adibito a parzialmente a funzione congressuale, ma con caratteri distributivi non più adeguati alle nuove necessità della Committenza. Il progetto, per la sua complessità, riguarda contemporaneamente più aspetti: architettonici strutturali impiantistici di sicurezza antincendio di riqualificazione eco-sostenibile Oltre all’adeguamento strutturale, è stato […]

The Sibari-Cosenza railway line is part of the alternative route Gioia Tauro – Taranto. The connection has a highly strategic importance, so renewal and upgrading works became truly necessary to give the whole route adequate performance characteristics and better potential. The Sibari – Cosenza line has about 68.7 km and it is characterized through a […]

Comune di Bisceglie

September 30, 2022

KINDERGARTEN AND PASSANGER MARKET The urban plan called P.E.E.P. (Plan for Economic and Popular Construction) where the new square and the nursery are introduced, it is a plan of public homes planned by the Bisceglie municipality to accommodate more than 1500 inhabitants. The intervention area was identified in an absolutely central position in regards to […]

The Brancusi Cultural Center will offer its visitors a unique experience; they will learn more about the work of the famous Romanian modernist sculptor, Constantin Brancusi. While the main part of the center was recently built in the basement, the whole experience will be accentuated by the glass structure designed to be realized on the […]

The operations form part of the reorganisation of the Emilia Romagna Regional Passenger Division maintenance network implemented by Trenitalia, concerning the Current Mainte-nance Plant of Bologna Centrale in particular The creation of new maintenance areas is planned in order to improve plant productivity, in addition to strengthening the existing structures. Thanks to the operations carried […]

The object of this project are the ancillary works of the new safety tunnel, serving the Fréjus Road Tunnel, called “External Works Italian Side”. The project foresees, on Italy side, the construction of new multifunctional buildings, adapted to the needs of the rescue, management and maintenance services due to the needs induced by the opening […]

This project concerns a part of the Compagnoni- Fenulli II urban redevelopment program, co-financed by the Emilia Romagna region (Neighborhood Contracts 2) and envisages in particular the completion of the two ERP 2B-2C buildings, work already foreseen in the Detailed Initiative Plan Public (PUA) approved by the City Council in 2005. The upgrade project includes […]

Strategic rail infrastructures defined by the “Legge Obiettivo” n. 443/01. The works are part of the AV / AC “Terzo Valico dei Giovi” section, which will connect the Genova railway junction in the area of the Fegino junction with the Tortona railway. The segment in question consists of a succession of dugouts and elevation lands […]

Since 1996, the Gervasutta Hospital has been home to the Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (IMFR) and, like all Hospital Presidiaries, its structure must be continuously adapted to align with changes in therapeutic systems, technological developments and the ever increasing expectations of the Community. The adaptation phase covered by this Executive Project is called […]

The “Urban Peripheries” project represents a great opportunity, an incentive to reactivate the process of urban fusion of the constituent nuclei of Imperia, foreshadowing the connection of areas that do not communicate with each other, the reconstruction of the continuity of linear infrastructures and the recovery of the inner suburbs of the city. The project […]

The project starts from the recognition of the architectural and urban value of the historical body built as a former hospital in 1893, maintaining its symbolic and morphological centrality and its recognisability as a “public social space and therefore as a symbol of the collective and cultural life of the local community”. Currently the training […]

Bisagno weir was conceived as an important work that will eventually make Genoa hydraulically safe, to avoid the exceptional weather events that have turned into real disasters for the city. The project, which aims to reduce the hydraulic flow of Bisagno torrent, involves diverting excess flow from the downstream section of the river into a […]

Upgrading works for the sports field by installing a concrete slab to be covered with a synthetic turf carpet; works to modernize the football pitch by installing an irrigation system; fencing, works to upgrade the fencing on the north-east, north-west and west sides, provided with insulated foundations, metal pipe and wire mesh; landscaping, upgrading and […]

The project consists of the completion of South East Palermo Effluent Collector – Lot II, the main work of sewerage system in Palermo city. The south-eastern sewer crosses Palermo city in tunnels running north-west to south-east from Uditore Street to Oreto River, collects white and black water and finally carries them to Acqua dei Corsari […]

The project aims to improve the water supply system for the inhabitants of Buzias and to rehabilitate and extend the sewage networks in Buzias and Bacova, which belong to Buzias Local Authority. WATER SUPPLY INSTALLATION BUZIAS Along the 8,055 m long Hitias – Buzias adduction pipeline, for which rehabilitation is proposed, 27 chimneys will be […]

The new high-speed/high-capacity railway line Brescia East – Verona extends for about 48 km, crossing 2 regions, 3 provinces and 11 towns, mostly alongside the existing infrastructures in the territory, starting the route in Mazzano (Brescia) town, to Verona town, on the western side, with the new high-speed railways and the new Verona Merci interconnection. […]

The project in Inveruno (MI) foresees the construction of a new, environmentally innovative school complex, as the pre-design options aim to potentially reach the highest level (PLATINUM) of the current USGBC LEED v4 sustainability protocol. The intervention area of approximately 18 900 square meters is located in a central area of Inveruno and was entirely […]

Municipal Hospital “Sf. lerarh Dr. Luca”, in Onesti, is part of the Local Development Strategy of Onesti Municipality, Bacau County, Romania for the period 2016 – 2022. The beneficiaries of the services offered by the hospital are patients from Onesti municipality, but also from the neighboring areas, namely Comanesti, Moinesti and Adjud (Vrancea). The hospital, […]

The new high-speed/high-capacity railway line Brescia East – Verona extends for about 48 km, crossing 2 regions, 3 provinces and 11 towns, mostly in parallel with the existing infrastructures in the territory, starting its route in Mazzano (Brescia), until it reaches Verona, on the western side, with the new high-speed railways and the new Verona […]

The Anas Apulia Framework Agreement, Lot 16, provides for scheduled maintenance works consisting of the restoration of damaged parts of works of art – road overpasses, railway overpasses, viaducts – on the road network under Anas jurisdiction. The works, arranged according to the application, consists mainly of the removal, by hydrodemolition, of concrete damaged by […]

The works consist of the construction of new sewerage networks in Jimbolia and Gottlob cities. JIMBOLIA network rehabilitation; extension of the sewerage network. GOTTLOB building new networks; construction of new sewerage networks. In addition, the works also involve planning activities for diversion, protection of utility networks encountered along the route of the water/wastewater networks, according […]

The new high-speed/high-capacity railway line Brescia East – Verona extends for about 48 km, crossing 2 regions, 3 provinces and 11 municipalities, together with the existing infrastructures in the area, starting its route in Mazzano (Brescia) and reaching Verona on the western side with the new high-speed railways and the new Verona Marfa interconnection. The […]

The project is located in Basilicata region and is situated in Filiano, Avigliano and Pietragalla communes, in Potenza province (PZ). Planned works on S.S. 658 “Potenza – Melfi” concerns the securing of the road network on occasional sections between km 0+000 and km 48+131. First section B. In order to preserve as much as possible […]

The works to improve the energy performance of the Municipal Hospital Dr. Alexandru Simionescu Hunedoara in Romania involves several interventions: Basic works Opaque facade thermosystem; Glazed facade thermosystem; Thermosystem floor above the technical channel; Thermal insulation of the terrace; Terrace waterproofing; Electrical lighting system: replacement of electrical routes and luminaires; Plumbing: replacement of sanitary ware, […]

The project is part of a wider project for the conservative rehousing of the former “Silvio Pellico” boarding school, a municipal building that has been given free of charge to the “PAT” (Provincia Autonoma Trento) so that the historic part can be used as a School of Advanced Medical Education, while the new part is […]

The interventions concern the 4th floor of the C-D-D’ and the 1st floor of the B-body of the Zimnicea City Hospital, Teleorman County, Romania . In particular: Bodies C – D – D – D’: 4st floor Complete reconstruction of electrical, thermal and plumbing installations; Replacement of interior and exterior joinery; Creation of toilets in […]

The intervention divided into 4 lots is included in the three-year framework agreement of ANAS Spa for the execution of scheduled maintenance works on the viaducts of the A2 “Autostrada del Mediteraneo”, including the viaducts “Rago Carr. North”, “Rago Carr. South”, “Stupino Carr. North”, “Stupino Carr South”, “Ruiz Carr. North”, “Ruiz Carr South”. In particular, […]