The project

The Hospital in Bisceglie was subject to an option project that aims the execution of important works for the regulatory technical adaptation and the commissioning of the hospital.

The refrigerating thermal Plant, Transformation Cabin and Power Generator Group
The intervention of a new operating room by making a new building in extension. At the level of the ground floor, the building consists into a porch, the construction of special by-passes to allow the perfect functional continuity of the instalations without interrupting the Hospital activities. Moreover, to guarantee enough power for the entire hospital, a centralized installation for cold production was made, able to feed the entire Hospital. Also, for the power side, a new transformation cabin MV / LV replaces the existing one, in combination with a new Power Generator Group.

Local Group for Hydrological Pressurisation against fire and an Accumulation Basin
It was also completed a new group for hydrological pressurisation against fire with the relative accumulation basin, including the making of a new external network to feed the hydrological installation against fire.

The new operating room
The intervention aims the new operating room by making a new building in extension, where on the 2nd floor, there was made a new section of Operating Rooms, that covers structural, construction and installation works, extremely specialized, considering the destination for use of the building.

Extension of the Infectious Disease section
The Department was aimed, in the four floors, by different works for the functional redistribution of the spaces, by completing the structural components and by building a new filtering area, besides all the finishing works, with a special attention for the hygiene-sanitary aspects.