Comune di Bisceglie

The project


The urban plan called P.E.E.P. (Plan for Economic and Popular Construction) where the new square and the nursery are introduced, it is a plan of public homes planned by the Bisceglie municipality to accommodate more than 1500 inhabitants. The intervention area was identified in an absolutely central position in regards to the new residential neighbourhood, so that it becomes a real center of engaging the inhabitants. The position of the school makes possible the reducing of the travel time to a minimum level for its access by the little students.

NEW SQUARE - The space before school is organized with a central paved area and two green areas, that remind of the tradition in Puglia of the "communal mansion", the square endowing the new neighbourhood with urban garden, a meeting spot for the inhabitants of all ages in different moments during day and night, as well as space for preparing the weekly local market.

NEW SCHOOL - The new school will be for the square a real architectonic structure, with a central role not only on functionallevel, but also urban. The project gives special attention to the small users of the building. The building is designed for a number of maximum 180 students. The rooms are shared so as to accommodate towards the square the common and service spaces, while the back side, calmer, the six teaching sections.

The project provided a considerable amount of window surfaces: the natural lighting values are, actually, considerably higher than the normative requirement. The green words belonging to the school represent an ideal continuation of the square, while in the inner yard, there are trees that will give an additional shadow at the exterior and will design an yard that it is always different depending on the season.