The project

The total project provided the restructuring and extension of the S asylum. Giuseppe in Livinallongo din Col di Lana, introduced in a communal property area, already meant for the services of assistance-hospital type.

The building was studied and reorganized through an extension and restructuring interventions program, with the purpose of modernizing the existing spaces, to adapt them to the new regulations in effect and to apply the assistance services for the elders.

The intervention, undergoing completion, was especially complex due to the special position of the building and the need for the structure to stay active for the entire duration of the works, allowing the adjacent simultaneous extension of the existing structure at North with a new building, consisting in an underground floor and five floors over the ground. The area of the complex where the asylum is has about 6500 square metres and accommodates a total of 66 users. With a new design solution, a better distribution of the spaces is defined with a surface adequate to the new regulations and with the making of the endowment of new rooms for a better performance of the common services. The asylum is located next to the center of the city, and its position allows the view of a relaxing landscape towards the mountains at the South. This optimal position made such as to follow the idea of restructuring the existing Center, despite the difficulties of intervention to a close lot from more sides. The buildings, in its former state, was neighbouring at the North and at West with the mountain and at East with an adjacent building, at a distance of only 5 m. The extension to the North behaved a complex excavation and a reshaping of the entire stone mountainside.