The project

The project consists of the construction of new CIMeC laboratories in building 10, the former tobacco factory in Rovereto (TN).
The new premises are designed to house the laboratories of CIMeC research center in the former tobacco factory, with the aim of concentrating in a single center the various functions that are currently scattered over the territory between Mattarello and Rovereto.
The new Building 10 is built partly underground and partly above ground on the site of the metal shed, which was demolished to make it possible to reclaim the area during the war.
The new space is designed as a glass pavilion on the ground floor, placed in physical and visual continuity with the market and garden spaces, which contains most of the public functions of CIMeC center, such as the library, the café and a small conference room, and it is characterized by the presence of a “technical” floor containing the technological installations necessary for the operation of the laboratories.
The roof of this above-ground space will house bulky laboratory equipment.

The real heart of CIMeC is the laboratories in the basement, connected to the underground building by two stairwells with elevators and linked to the other CIMeC spaces in the historic buildings (buildings 14 and 11) by two underground pedestrian connections that make the new building a true hub for the entire CIMeC. For the basement roof, two types of slabs are foreseen, built with a mixed steel and concrete structural system, where steel elements will be sandwiched between concrete baffles: the first one serves as a green roof for the outdoor yard and is made of solid board; the second plate, present inside the projecting building, is a plate made of a mixed steel-concrete system. A ramp provides access for service vehicles and ambulances to the basement floor for access to bedridden and non-ambulatory patients.