Civil works for the construction of the Milan – Verona HS/HC railway line – Brescia Est – Verona section.

The project

The new high-speed/high-capacity railway line Brescia East – Verona extends for about 48 km, crossing 2 regions, 3 provinces and 11 municipalities, together with the existing infrastructures in the area, starting its route in Mazzano (Brescia) and reaching Verona on the western side with the new high-speed railways and the new Verona Marfa interconnection.

The agreement o works “IC Brescia Est, Calcinato and Lonato Ovest” concerns the line and related works between km 105+384 and km 115+880, with the exception of the sections between km 114+565 and km 114+585 and between km 115+821 and km 115+880, of Brescia-Verona functional lot – Lot 1, as part of the high-speed/high-capacity line Turin-Venice, Milan-Verona section.

This includes high-speed/high-capacity line works and interlocking works belonging to the following main categories:

  • Noise protection foundations;
  • Railway and road embankments and ditches;
  • Artificial and natural tunnels (including natural tunnel portals);
  • Rail and road viaducts;
  • Saddles for bicycles’
  • Underpasses;
  • Disrupted road works interfered with by high speed/high capacity line and related works;
  • Water collection and discharge works;
  • Minor works;
  • Monitoring.

The contracted works are located in the municipalities of Mazzano, Calcinato and Lonato del Garda, all in Brescia province.