The project

The Venezia – Rovigo Chamber of Commerce, as a Public Body in accordance to the law 580/1993, has acquired from the Ca’ Foscari University of Venezia, the right of surface of the real estate portions located in Venezia-Mestre via Torino No. 155, for the construction of two buildings to be used as headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce and of the Experimental Glass Station, called respectively “B” and “A”, as well as the area to be used as a parking space. Building A, intended for the experimental Glass Station, will have a mixed use as the functions included in it provide only the presence of laboratories on the basement and ground floors, the presence of laboratories and offices on the first floor, the executive offices on the second floor. Building B intended for the Chamber of Commerce will be used for Management use and therefore provides for the location of offices open to the public or not, reception areas, meeting rooms, representative or operational offices. The structures of the two buildings have been sized in order to meet the resistance and capacity requirements referring to the intended uses, as well as to meet the specific needs acquired during the course of the in-depth study carried out, especially with reference to the Experimental Glass Station. The levels of equipment and finish of the various rooms are aimed at ensuring comfort without losing sight of the practicality of use, management and maintenance. The project provides for the adoption of some additional requirements relating to the voluntary adoption of the LEED certification, aimed at achieving the GOLD leve