GTT – Gruppo Torinese Trasporti SPA

The project

Manelli Impresa Srl leader RTI with SERVECO Srl makes the intervention of replacing the roof in plates of cement asbestos with insulated panels of double steel sheet and double-glazed doors and transparent panels facade made of polyurethane.

Besides reducing the execution time with 100 days and the know-how provided by Serveco associate for the remediation and monitoring of the airport fibers environment, the solution proposed for the safe manipulation of the roof plates is a success.

This is the linear cable car lifting system named SKY-TRUCK provided by SEIK srl, capable to rapidly and safety transfer the asbestos-cement plates stacked and sealed in double polyethylene sheet, directly in the temporart storage area for wastes, reducing this way any risk of interference with the movement of more than 500 vehicles, buses and trams electrically actioned. The intervention required the removal of more than 16500 square metres of coverage and the removal of about 40.000 kg of asbestos-cement in fibers, besides the reconstruction of about 8.000 square metres of glass frames on the curved and squared roofs that make the roof.