Manelli Impresa Srl headquarters

The project

The new MANELLI IMPRESA SRL headquarters not only did represent the making of a new “container” and more comfortable for the accommodation of the company’s functions, more and more extended and articulated, but it also immediately proved to be the best opportunity to represent the entrepreneurial philosophy of the Company, through the language of buildings construction.

This building is, actually, the architectural business card that concretely expresses the way in which the Company operates.

The large windows make that the work spaces are perfectly enlightened by natural light and, at the same time, the look of all operators can vary freely on much larger horizons than the own space.

Actually, transparency is the real main character of the entrepreneurial action of the company Manelli Impresa Srl, as well as the central corridor for distribution, from where the entire operational of the company can be covered by a single look.

The valuable finishing, as well as the high tech equipment and the perfect work environment correlated perfectly represent the best the care for details, professionalism, that can fluently communicate, and above all, the possibility of a high quality work place offers to all employees the adequate spaces to express the best their professionalism and the team spirit.

A special attention was also given to the effectiveness and the reduced impact on the environment and installations, as well as the most modern IT implementation and very welcoming common areas.