The project

The works concern the repair of defects on 9 overpasses located on the A27 Venice-Belluno motorway section, more precisely from km 001+884 to km 021+537, and the upgrading of the bridge edge and side edge safety barriers located on both the curbs and on the starting ramps of overpass no. 6 located at km 007+312 of the A27 Venice-Belluno motorway section.

The section of motorway under works is under the jurisdiction of the Directorate of Section 9 (Udine) with L.S. 13 at km 134+100, Tavagnacco (UD).

In this case, the overpasses subject to intervention are the following:

  1. Overpass n. 001 al km 001+884 dell’Autostrada A27, in the vicinity of Mazzocco communal road in Mogliano Veneto commune (TV);
  2. Overpass n. 005 al km 006+335 dell’Autostrada A27, in the correspondence of Zermanese provincial road no. 64 in Mogliano Veneto commune (TV);
  3. Overpass n. 006 al km 007+312 dell’Autostrada A27, in the vicinity of Vicinale Morea road in Casale sul Sile commune (TV);
  4. Overpass n. 007 al km 008+253 dell’Autostrada A27, overpass of Schiavonia provincial road no. 63 in Treviso province (TV);
  5. Overpass n. 008 al km 009+475 dell’Autostrada A27, in correspondence of Bigone communal road in Casale sul Sile (TV) commune;
  6. Overpass n. 010 al km 012+730 dell’Autostrada A27, overpass of Cendondel communal road in Silea commune (TV);
  7. Overpass n. 013 al km 013+833 dell’Autostrada A27, cavalcavia della strada Provinciale Vallio n.62 della provincia di Treviso (TV);
  8. Overpass n. 014 al km 015+972 dell’Autostrada A27, in correspondence of the national road No 53 Postumia of Veneto Strade S.p.A;
  9. Overpass no. 019 at km 021+537 on the A27 motorway, overpass of Prati and Frattina communal road in Carbonera commune (TV);

The works concern the modernization of the structures that make up the passages listed above and the design of modernization of the safety devices present only on overpass No 06. 06.

The works will be carried out on the motorway and road, on overpasses consisting of a single lane with two lanes of traffic, mainly away from inhabited areas and production units, overlapping the A27 motorway, which in the sections in question consists of two lanes of traffic, each with three lanes of traffic and an emergency lane. The overpasses overlap the two motorways both perpendicularly and at an angle of 15°.