The project

The project is located in Basilicata region and is situated in Filiano, Avigliano and Pietragalla communes, in Potenza province (PZ).
Planned works on S.S. 658 “Potenza – Melfi” concerns the securing of the road network on occasional sections between km 0+000 and km 48+131. First section B.

In order to preserve as much as possible one of the two existing roadside verges, the alignment of the verge, which is not affected by the presence of the new climbing lane shall be maintained and, where conditions permit, the roadside landscaping elements shall also be preserved. This design choice resulted in a substantial change in the sequence of plan-element elevations that make up the three sections examined.

  • Section 1 maintains the alignment of the shoulder towards Potenza to extend the TO01 manhole at km 16+521 only towards Melfi.
  • Section 2 maintains the alignment of Melfi direction shoulder by optimizing the works at the TO03 at km 18+262, TO04 at km 18+895 and the ST02 underpass at km 19+321.68.

In addition, the access ramp to the San Giorgio intersection will have a 70 degree angle to the main axis.

  • Section 3, like its predecessor, is aligned along Melfi direction, which allows the existing wall to be rehabilitated over almost the entire design length of the intervention. Thus, the ST03 metro at km 27+498.73 is adapted to the gauge of the new motorway only on Potenza side.