The project

The work to complete the S.S. variant 1 “Via Aurelia” are part of the project for the road system access to the port hub of La Spezia, as the main axis of the road system of the area, and are part of a wider territorial context, affected by the need to adapt the entire transport system in Liguria.
The third lot involves a secondary suburban road, about 4 km long, extending from the A12 toll stations to the port of La Spezia. The total lot is divided into 3 parts: A, B and C.

Setion 1 – A
Section A extends between the “via del Forno” junction and the “Buonviaggio” junction for almost 1.8 km, beyond the ramps of the two junctions.
The route starts from the entrance to the “Castelletti” tunnel of the previous lot and ends at the entrance to the natural tunnel “Felettino I

Section 2
B Section B extends from “Buonviaggio” junction to San Venerio junction for about 1 km, beyond the ramps of the two junctions.
The route of the main axis originates at the entrance to the “Felettino I” tunnel (777 meters long), immediately after which the “S. Venerio I viaduct (100 meters long). Section B is completed by the two ramps R and T of the “S. Venerio” junction.

Section 3 – C
Section C extends for a total length of approximately 1.2 km beyond the Melara interchange ramps.
The section originates at San Venerio junction, which connects the Pieve district to Variante Aurelia, then develops with a succession of viaducts and tunnels up to Melara junction, which connects Variante Aurelia to the current La Spezia – Santo Stefano Magra link motorway.