The project

The operations form part of the reorganisation of the Emilia Romagna Regional Passenger Division maintenance network implemented by Trenitalia, concerning the Current Mainte-nance Plant of Bologna Centrale in particular The creation of new maintenance areas is planned in order to improve plant productivity, in addition to strengthening the existing structures. Thanks to the operations carried out and to be carried out, both the existing areas and those newly constructed will be equipped with all systems necessary for maintenance of the newly-designed POP and ROCK regional trains.

The entire operation shall be conducted in successive phases of construction to ensure operational continuity of the maintenance plant currently in use. Enhancement of the Bologna Centrale Current Maintenance Plant is the first Executive Project of the maintenance plant developed by ITALFERR directly with BIM methodology in order to allow the customer to use the models for future building management and maintenance.

In general, the main operations concern:

  • Extension of the existing facilities within the plant and intended for maintenance, known as Warehouse TD and Warehouse Ale;
  • Plant design and equipment for the maintenance areas;
  • Construction of a platform on the south side of the Wa-rehouse Ale.

In addition, the operation includes the revision of the entire railway infrastructure installations of the Milan-side and Bologna-side service areas.

A check of all control components necessary for monitoring the systems, the mechanical equipment, lighting and other plant components is entrusted to a Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system that will acquire all data hailing from the various subsystems and manage their consumption and maintenance.