The project

The project consists of the completion of South East Palermo Effluent Collector – Lot II, the main work of sewerage system in Palermo city. The south-eastern sewer crosses Palermo city in tunnels running north-west to south-east from Uditore Street to Oreto River, collects white and black water and finally carries them to Acqua dei Corsari treatment plant. The project also includes the construction of artifacts (downspouts and inlets) to connect the sewer to the city network and the overflow artifact on Oreto River.

As part of this completion, the works to be carried out concerns:

Tunnel - outside diameter from 3250 mm to 4800 mm:

  • the first stage of excavation and lining of the natural sections of the various construction and hydraulic sections, totaling approx. 1.430 ml of excavation;
  • the construction of the artificial section, in the lower part of Colonna Rotta/Cortile Criscione street, for a length of about 60 m
  • the construction of the descending tunnel in the artificial tunnel section indicated above;
  • final lining of the entire sewer tunnel (previously excavated sections and those to be excavated) for a total of approximately 5.000 ml;
  • finishing works on the tunnel bottom and in particular the narrow discharge channel (invert vault), the concrete protection of the piles;

Works for supplying water from the surface collectors into the deep collector, consisting of a meeting channel, a vortex feed chamber, a shaft and a tunnel connecting to the deep collector in the tunnel;

New sewer pipes and prefabricated manholes to connect surface sewers to intake structures;

Storm water drainage works in Oreto River, including:

  • Drainage works (bodies 1-2-3), built over a large reinforced concrete slab resting on over 200 reinforced concrete piles with a diameter of 800 mm;
  • Prefabricated service spaces (offices - storage - toilets);
  • Roads and yards;
  • Equipment (gratings, sluice gates, conveyor belts, compactor, running bridge);
  • Installations (electrical, water and plumbing, fire-fighting);
  • Facilities and equipment requested by AMAP and ASP operator on the occasion of CoS 30/09/1016;
  • Renaturation of Oreto Riverbed in the section in front of the drainage works with a gabion lining of approximately 85 m in length;
  • Demolition of a portion of the narrow concrete overflow channel previously constructed in the riverbed, in accordance with the compensation required by ARTA opinion of 2004;
  • Ecological redevelopment of the residual areas of "Ascoli" site, approximately 2,000 square meters, with species present in the SCI list (Laurusnobilis, Myrtuscommunis, Jasminumofficinalis), which also act as a barrier against odours.

Minor surface works on roads, markets and green areas affected by the works.

To complete the works, the park in Piazza Principe di Camporeale is to be landscaped, with the closure of the fountain and the restoration of the green area.