The project

The project starts from the recognition of the architectural and urban value of the historical body built as a former hospital in 1893, maintaining its symbolic and morphological centrality and its recognisability as a “public social space and therefore as a symbol of the collective and cultural life of the local community”. Currently the training offered by the “Liceo A. Maffei” takes place in two distinct locations, which are inadequate to meet educational needs. The definitive project is aimed at meeting all future needs formulated by the Institute and necessary for its optimal functioning. The work is concerned with four distinct bodies, named “A”, “B”, “C” and “D”. The building D will be of new construction and will be located to the east of the historic building that currently houses the institute. The buildings B and C, on the other hand, will be subject to demolition and reconstruction of buildings added to the main school building over the years. Finally, the building A will be a connecting structure between the other historical artifacts of the High School. The buildings will be constructed using a classical reinforced concrete construction method for the basement floors and the structure of the above ground volumes. The decks and roofs will be made of wood-concrete, while the vertical perimeter infills will be made of wood panels. Regarding the choice of materials, it should be noted that the dry construction system is transcribed in the facade by the construction technology of the ventilated facade, with an external facade made of sand-colored fiber cement panels and a ground connection made of grey-colored reconstituted stone panels.