The project

The project aims to develop an internationally competitive tourist destination that complies with the regulations in force, by bringing Constanta Dolphinarium up to the EAZA and EAM standard – European bodies that regulate the minimum conditions for keeping dolphins.
The construction works are based on the construction of new buildings with the current size of 2000mc/6 dolphins, and will be carried out as follows:
Training pool
The swimming pool, which will be built of reinforced concrete, will have a built-up area of 628.70 square meters and a useful area of 595 square meters. The water height in the tank will be 5.20 m, providing a total volume of 3094 cubic meters of
water, which will be equipped with a double working platform (for 2 dolphins) and will have elements specific to the natural environment, thus creating lagoon-like conditions. The new reservoir will communicate with the existing wintering reservoir via a channel with a usable width of 1.8 m and a built-up area of 7.77 m².
Filtration station and pumping station
The stations will be built to house filtration and water quality maintenance systems.
Proten skimmer
In the immediate vicinity of the filtration plant, a ground floor building will be located, where two Protein Skimmers (2 pieces) will be installed. The building will have a floor area of 18-70 meters, a height of 6 meters and the highest height of 7.04 meters. The building will have a floor area of 18-70 meters, a height of 6 meters and the highest height of 7.04 meters.
Administrative premises
There will be four container spaces, 2 rooms for instructors, 1 room for food preparation, 1 room for storage, 2 changing rooms with showers, toilets and a mechanical workshop.
External networks
Outdoor networks, in the area where they are located new buildings
will be constructed,
there will be deviated.
The new buildings will be connected to
all utilities needed by the officials.
Demolition works
The demolition works relate to some existing buildings that have the functions of: workshop, exotic bird exhibit, winter bird house, services, existing pond, pump room, fencing.