CEPAV DUE – tender 1 IC Brescia est, Calcinato and Lonato Ovest
Civil works for the realization of the railway line AV/AC Milan – Verona – Brescia Est-Verona.
Total amount: € 113,179,333.41

Extraordinary Commissioner of the Government at Liguria
20 lot of works of construction of a tunnelled floodway of the Bisagno creek in Genova.
Total amount: € 54,703,317.43

Region of Emilia Romagna
Design and execution “Tecnopolo di Bologna –
Lotto A (PHASE II)”.
Total amount: € 51,341,830.07

Single Extraordinary Commissioner Works to complete the south-east wastewater collection system or the city of Palermo – 20 Lot.
Total amount: € 12,159,618.85

Municipality of Genova
Executive design and execution of the line extension works Brin – Canepari and Brignole – Martinez sections of the Genova metro line.
Total amount: € 47,102,982.58

Manelli Impresa s.r.l.
– Residential Bari Construction of a real estate complex in Via Fanelli – Bari.
Total amount: € 72,000,000.00